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How often do you get these dumb emails?

How often do you get these dumb emails?

It is going wild on how often scam bags using HOTMAIL or GMAIL email platforms to send spam and scam like this below. These scammers not only bring disappointment with their stupid offers, quite often they get phone numbers with names from good samaritans to continue with dirty plans. Do not fall into their scam scenarios, there is no SEO they provide, there is no useful services they offer, all they need is your information so that they continue pursue their scam activities. See below an example where they contacting you for SEO package, however, they do not even know your website URL, in addition to that they would like to know your phone number, so that they can phone you pretending IRS employees, bank issues, unauthorized credit card charges, and so on, you name it. All they want is YOUR MONEY!



Good Morning,

I was going through your website & I personally see a lot of potential in your website & business.    

With your permission I would like to send you an Audit report of your website with prices showing you a few things to greatly improve these search results for you. These things are not difficult, and my report will be very specific. It will show you exactly what needs to be done to move you up in the rankings dramatically.    

We can place your website on Google’s 1st page (Yahoo, etc.).    

If you want interested to receive email from us, please reply “Yes” “Phone number” and “URL” more positive reply.      

Thanks in advance!


Why HOTMAIL and GMAIL allow this to happen? I guess the current legislation never paid close attention to this matter, with the situation in the world being so disturbing, however, taking good care for security of your own citizen should be prioritized.

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